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Introduction to cloud computing services:

Earlier we used to store our data in the hard drive of the computer. Cloud computing services have replaced such hard drive technology. Cloud computing service is nothing more than providing services like storage, database, servers, networking and software through the internet.

Some companies provide such computing services, hence the name “cloud computing provider/companies”. They charge their users for using such services and the charges are based on their use of the services.

Top Cloud Computing Companies

  • Kamatera
  • Serverspace
  • phoenixNAP
  • Indium Software
  • pCloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Adobe
  • VMware
  • IBM Cloud
  • Rackspace
  • Red Hat
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle Cloud
  • SAP
  • Verizon Cloud
  • Navisite
  • Dropbox
  • Egnyte

Kamatera provides very low maintenance and high performance cloud infrastructure services. Its cloud services also cost very little (yes, you can set up a server for as little as $4).

Kamatera Main Features:

Optimized and tailored built-in VPS hosting. They charge according to what you use. eg. You’ll only pay for it when you add 1GB of RAM and won’t need to add extra server resources unnecessarily.
Add or remove servers without penalty.
99.95% uptime guarantee.
Try it 100% free for 30-days. No hidden fees or commitments. Access all cloud management platform features even in the trial period.
24/7/365 Tech Human Support.
14 global data centers across 4 continents.

pCloud is secure encrypted cloud storage that can be used to store, share and work with all your files. It can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. It provides various features such as team and access levels, shared folders, comments on files and folders, and activity monitoring.

With pCloud, you’ll get increased storage space, unbeatable security, enhanced discovery, and a scalable system.


pCloud will let you do file management from the web, desktop or mobile.
Multiple file-sharing options are available.
It can save versions of a file for a specific period of time.
It provides the facility to back up your photos from social media like Facebook, Instagram and Picasa.
It provides data security through TLS/SSL encryption.

 Amazon Web Service (AWS)

  • AWS is the safest and protected platform of cloud service which offers a wide set of infrastructure services like database storage, computing power, networking.
  • Using this AWS one can host the static websites.
  • By using such services, users are able to build complicated applications that are trustworthy, scalable and flexible.
  • One can have the hands-on experience of AWS

 Microsoft Azure;

  • Microsoft Azure is used for deploying, designing and managing applications through a worldwide network.
  • Previously Microsoft Azure was known as Windows Azure.
  • This Cloud computing service supports various operating systems, databases, tools, programming languages, and frameworks.
  • A free trial version of Microsoft Azure is available for 30 days.

 Google Cloud Platform


  • Google Cloud Platform uses resources such as computers, virtual machines, hard disks, etc. located at Google data centers.
  • Google Cloud Platform is an integrated storage used by developers and enterprises for live data.
  • Apart from the free trial, this service is available at various flexible payment plans based on Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG).

IBM Cloud


  • IBM Cloud offers Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS through all the available cloud delivery models.
  • Using IBM Cloud one can have the freedom to select and unite your desired tools, data models and delivery models in designing/creating your next-generation services or applications.
  • IBM Cloud is used to build pioneering way outs that can gain value for your businesses and industry.
  • With the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform, one can incorporate highly performing cloud communications and services into your IT environment.

For more information on IBM, access IBM Cloud.



  • Rackspace Cloud offers a set of cloud computing services like hosting web applications, Cloud Files, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Backup, Databases and Cloud Servers.
  • Rackspace Cloud Block Storage uses a combination of solid-state drives and hard drives to deliver high performance.
  • Rackspace Cloud Backup uses compression and encryption techniques and provides file-level backups with low cost.
  • Customers using Rackspace Cloud services are charged based on their usage.

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