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Friends, today I am going to talk about my basic knowledge of computer in Hindi, what is computer, type and function of computer. And also I will talk about the parts that come under the computer.


What is a computer – What is a computer?
First of all let us know what a computer is. Computer is an electronic device or machine that collects data and converts it into information and gives it to the user. Talking about the use of computer, life is incomplete without computer. Computers are a worldwide device used in homes, hospitals, commercial situations, railways, and scientific research.

Definition of computer – Definition of computer

A computer is an automated electronic device whose main function is to perform calculations. Computer is derived from the Latin word “compute”. Which is called computer in Hindi. Computers are used to receive, store and process data. The father of computer is “Charles Waves”.
The computer collects the data and converts it into information that the user can understand very easily. Now you must be thinking that how the computer collects the data, the data in the computer is sent through the input devices (keyboard, mouse, mic). Which is the main part of the computer, the CPU collects that data, that is, processes that data and gives it to the output.


What is data – what is data?

Now there will be a question in your mind that what is data? All numbers, letters and figures fed into the computer by an input device are called data. When we press a word or letter with our keyboard or mouse, that is our data.

What is Information What is Information?

Now let’s talk about information, what is information. Information is a meaningful data called information.

basic knowledge of computer in Hindi
The data that the computer receives through the input device is in binary or machine (0-1) language, which the computer understands and examines or processes, and after processing that data gives it to the output device. . That output device makes it understandable to users and shows it on their screen or as a heart copy. This data is called information.

Computer full form – Expanding name of computer
c – normal – normal
o – operator – drive
M – machine – machine
p – special
u – use
T – business – trade
e – education – education
r – research – search

computer system in Hindi 2020
Friends, before learning computer, it is very important to know what a computer system is and how it works. The main hardware and software of a computer are linked together to form a computer system. The main part of the computer is the CPU in which the data is stored. Let us know how the computer works.

How does computer work?

Friends, the input unit is called keyboard, mouse, when any data is given to the CPU for processing by pressing their buttons, then that action is called input. The CPU receives and processes the input data. After processing it gives the data to the output (monitor, printer). The output converts the data given by the CPU into a language that is understandable to the user and displays it on the screen. The whole process is called the IPO cycle and coordinates with each other to form a computer system.

computer type
Friends, although there are many types of computers, but I am going to talk about those computers which are always useful, so let us know how many types of commonly used computers are.

personal computer
There are mainly two types of personal computers.

Desktop Computer: Desktop Computer
This computer is small and powerful in appearance, which is mostly used in homes, schools, shops and hospitals. Only one user can work on this computer.

Laptop Computer: Laptop Computer
A laptop computer is slightly smaller than a desktop computer in appearance but the working capacity of both is almost equal. Laptop computer is equipped with battery, due to which it is costlier than desktop, we can take it anywhere and work too. We also use it in homes, businesses, schools.

Basic Parts of Computer : Basic Parts of Computer
Now we will know what are the basic parts of a computer. There are mainly two parts of a computer.

The physical part of the computer that we can see and touch is called hardware.
Hardware Basics : Hardware Basics
Hardware mainly consists of two parts.

  1. Input device
  2. Output device
  3. CPU ( central processing unit )

Input Device: Input Device
Input device is the part of the computer through which we enter data, instructions and some special information into the computer. The main parts that come under input devices.

keyboard: keyboard
Keyboard is an input device with the help of which we send data or instructions to the computer.

mouse: mouse
Mouse is an input device also known as pointing device. There is a pan arrow in the mouse, with the help of these arrows we send data to the computer.

Output Device: Output Device
Output device is the device by which we can see and understand the process data. Basic parts of the output device.

Monitor : Monitor
Monitor is an output device through which the process data sent from the CPU can be understood and viewed. It is a TV-like device with few control buttons.

CPU : (central processing unit)Central processing unit
CPU is called the brain of the computer, whose main function is to process the data given by the input device and send it to the output. It is the main part of the computer, which establishes coordination between input and output.

Software : Software
Software is a set of instructions that instructs a computer to perform tasks. It has two main parts.
System software : System software
It is the set of programs and instructions that control the functions of the computer and give instructions to perform the work. System software coordinates all the hardware devices. Some main parts of operating software – windows xp, windows 7, macintosh, LINUX and UNIX etc.

Application software : Application software
Application software is a set of instructions by which the user performs his tasks. Main parts of application software – ms word, ms excel, ms access ms power point etc.


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